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What’s The Best Way To Deal With Alopecia?

Posted by on Jul 9, 2020 in Alopecia | 0 comments

Alopecia is a hair loss disorder that causes many small patches on your scalp. Over time, these patches join each other and lead to complete baldness in men. 

Usually, the alopecia condition is very slow and can take several years to show up its symptoms. As a result of this slow spread, most men fail to address it in the beginning and suffer badly at a later stage. Studies show that if you don’t take proper measures to control alopecia, it can spread to eyebrows, face, and other hair-bearing body parts. 

No known method in medical science can cure alopecia. However, you can go for treatments like scalp micro-pigmentation and minimize its effects. To learn more about how SMP works, you can visit and check out the latest and safest way to make use of it for your benefits. 

Jose, the lead technician at Inkrease SMP, has been in the business of hair treatments for over twelve years. After analyzing your situation, he can suggest whether it’s the best decision to opt for SMP or not. 

Many people think that in the case of alopecia, they can go for hair-transplant and restore their hairs like before. Little do they know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

The hair transplant is a complicated procedure and costs a lot of money. On top of it, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the expected results. So, instead of putting yourself in so much pain and risk, try scalp micropigmentation, which is natural, risk-free, and painless. You can get it done with the help of an expert in a matter of a few hours, and get phenomenal results that stick for many years.

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What Are Major Causes of Hair Loss In Women?

Posted by on Jul 6, 2020 in Women's Hair Loss | 0 comments

Hair loss is a natural process and shouldn’t make you feel worried. However, when it gets out of control, and you start losing too many hairs regularly, it’s important to dig deep and figure out the root cause that led to it. This is the only way to stop hair loss and regrow hair quickly before going bald ultimately. 

Here are some major reasons for hair loss. Pay heed to them for a better understanding of what made you lose so many hairs recently. 

Hereditary condition is one of the most common reasons for hair loss. It’s also known as androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness. It occurs gradually as you age and can be predicted easily. 

Another reason responsible for hair loss is a hormonal change or medical condition. Usually, women lose hair due to menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, or thyroid. Other reasons include the immune system disorder, such as alopecia areata, and a hair-pulling disorder, often known as trichotillomania. 

In case you have been on certain drugs, mostly those that are used for arthritis, cancer, heart problems, depression, high blood pressure, and gout can also cause hair loss. Additionally, if you have been taking a lot of stress lately, then chances are you might experience sudden hair loss that can continue for a long time if you don’t take control of your mental state quickly. 

You can visit the home page of Dermagrafix and learn more about how different medical and non-medical events lead to hair loss, and how you can reverse this situation. The hair care experts from Dermagrafix advise you to follow certain steps and undergo the right treatment to take control of hair loss and revitalize your hair in quick succession. Pay heed to their suggestions for perfect results.

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What Makes Celebrities Lose Hair At The Peak of Their Careers?

Posted by on Jul 2, 2020 in Male Pattern Baldness | 0 comments

The entertainment industry, including the digital and cinema world, has many celebrities who are no less than the role-models for an entire generation. Many of these celebrities have one thing in common other than their ever-growing charisma and stardom — baldness. 

Have you ever thought about what makes celebrities lose their hair despite making so much money and living a king-size life? 

Well, the answer is their lifestyle. 

They lose and gain weight regularly, for which they sometimes cut protein from their diet, and other times, go on a calorie deficit regime. This takes a toll on their hair and makes them bald over time. 

Other reasons responsible for their baldness are cosmetic surgeries and heavy workouts in the gym. In order to look good on camera, they make many choices that give great short-term results but affect their health in the long-term. These choices cause hair loss to most of them. 

Some celebrities are able to revive their hair loss with the help of methods explained by Karen Nicolaou, while others embrace this condition and choose to live like that. 

Dwayne Johnson and Win Diesel are two best examples who have made baldness a style statement. Many youngsters idolize these celebrities and have started going bald. 

No matter whether you like bald celebrities or not, you must understand that baldness for them is completely different from baldness for you. While it doesn’t do much harm to their career and earnings, baldness can definitely take a toll on your social image and mental peace. 

So instead of ignoring the situation, take necessary actions to fix hair loss as soon as possible. Visit an expert hair care professional and opt for the right treatment to revive your hair health immediately.

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Choosing the Right Permanent Makeup School

Posted by on Mar 19, 2020 in Micropigmentation | 0 comments

A New Type of Makeup

People who are interested in breaking into the hair and beauty industry often see cosmetology school as their best bet. While becoming a traditionally licensed cosmetologist might seem like the only option upon first glance, there’s a new whole world waiting to be explored.

Permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation is an industry that is rapidly growing, with people all around using these services. Artists go through special training to ensure that they have the right skillset and can give customers long-lasting, high-quality results. Because these results are permanent, the training is vastly different from a traditional cosmetology school.

Which school is right for me?

If you’re thinking about entering the world of permanent makeup, there are a few big things to consider when choosing the best school to attend.

  1. Cost. Cosmetology school can be pricey, and permanent makeup training is no exception. Some schools boast cheap classes at an accelerated pace, and while this certainly seems enticing, it may result in a subpar education. Take the time to research which schools offer the best training at the best price for you. 
  1. Location. Although permanent makeup is quickly becoming more and more popular, there are not always a lot of options near you. Thankfully, most schools have their locations listed online, like the one from the website of Team Micro. Most major cities have some sort of school available. If there’s not a school near you, you might have to consider either relocating or making the commute. It’s a small price to pay for being able to chase your dreams.
  1. Time. Once you have the first two issues taken care of, you might think you’re good to go! However, you still need to make sure you have ample time to get everything sorted out. A lot of people in school for permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation have to balance work and school. Both commitments take up large chunks of time, so plan accordingly and make sure you can balance both while also getting proper rest.
  1. Specialization. Are you solely interested in learning how to apply permanent makeup, or are you like the team at Scalp Season and more of a scalp micropigmentation person? While you can always learn both, consider specializing in one or the other. It might cut your clientele at the start, but you’ll get a more in-depth training on what you’re truly passionate about. Of course, if you’re passionate about both, do both! 

From this, permanent makeup can be further specialized. You’ll likely be trained in most areas of permanent makeup, but if permanent eyeliner has a special place in your heart, you might want to focus on that and really perfect your skills. It’s never a bad idea to go with your gut and run with it.

There’s no one-size-fits-all program when it comes to permanent makeup. Everybody has their own needs and wants. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the best decision when it comes time to take the plunge. 

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